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What takes place as soon as you ask 200 women for sex on Tinder?

Within this

Tinder experiment

we performed very. But

with a twist


We made two various kind of profiles.


Poor son

and one

wonderful man


All of them wished a similar thing:


Carry out ladies wanna select the quick nightly adventure with these people?

And who was more successful? The Poor child, or the nice guy?

Here you are getting:

  • 15 Tinder test

    screenshot examples

  • 7 Holy Tips to steal some knowledge using this project
  • 3 raw Tinder profile errors that plummeted one profile’s likes
  • 2 no-cost copy pastable bios
  • 1 Tinder Social test that had gotten my TextGod mentor banned


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Component 1: The brilliant storyline

Almost everything started whenever one of my personal TextGod coaches and I watched a YouTube video.

a station called “LeenaDProductions” did a video where they tested who becomes a lot more swipes on Tinder.

I desired to replicate that entire social research using my self since the examination topic.

In order to be sure all things are accomplished correctly no answers are controlled.

Besides, it appeared to be an enjoyable experience to do.

We known as upwards my camera man / professional photographer and we met up to do this.

We in the offing exactly what variety of photos we would shoot.

We developed two figures:

One was

The Bad boy

. He is the kind of man that:

  • Flaunts alcoholic beverages
  • Flaunts cash money
  • Flaunts muscles

He additionally performs the guitar and do not smiles.

(I like how cliché we made him haha)

The second guy would be

The Kind Chap

. He’d swap the guitar for a cute ukulele. On top of that, the guy:

  • Smiles for the existence of his fluffy pet
  • Rides a bike
  • Reads artwork publications

This Tinder research wouldn’t be full without offering each fictional character an installing bio.

Let us take a good look at both biography’s and the photos.

Step 2: producing the Douchebag’s Tinder profile

It isn’t quite simple to create a douche case and gentleman profile.

My advisor and I had conversations regarding correct terminology for two characters.

Is the guy a


, like into the original movie?

Is actually the guy a lot more like an




douche case

? A

Bad guy

? A



Do you know the differences between each one of these tags?

And exactly how do you realy show all of them inside Tinder images?

We finished up naming him a ‘Bad guy’ but in reality, he or she is a mix of a few of these labels.

They are a guy which something such as just what every one of these names recommend.

So, let’s check out his images.

Picture no. 1

It’s some guy in a suit pouring whiskey from upwards rich in a fancy cup in the center of the street.

If this isn’t at the very least a bit


, after that wat is actually?

Holy Idea


Very first picture must program just your mind and torso.

The picture you see this is actually the initial document. On Tinder we cropped of this feet. We’ll explain to you in somewhat.

A very important factor I absolutely dislike relating to this photograph, is that you can’t see my personal eyes.

Holy Tip:

Usually show off your vision in your first image.

I realized this not enough attention visibility would lessen the matches. So we discussed going for this
Tinder picture

Bam. Direct eye contact using the lens (or even the girl evaluating the profile).

The difficulty listed here is that immediate visual communication works more effectively whenever cheerful.

And although We have something back at my face that appears like an impoverishment attempt at a smile, it’s simply maybe not gonna slice it.

So we did some quick ensure that you plumped for photo number 1 rather.

Picture no. 2

I wouldn’t state this really is an Æssh0le photo per se.

Although it does have a poor child vibe to it.

Absolutely a pretty badass searching guitar in a candlight club.

an electric guitar that I was


to track, because You will find little idea ideas on how to either play or tune an instrument.

I am having some a frown back at my face to create me check all concentrated and vital.

And lastly we’re flashing a touch of the tat on my arm hoping to truly have the picture look a tad rougher.

Visualize number 3


I simply need chuckle whenever We see this image.

It is so extraordinary.

It really is a nude man becoming showered in bank records while flexing their bicep. Using fancy glasses IN.

We advice one never ever create a photo such as this for the profile.

But we actually wanted to consist of this huge obnoxious picture. Just to actually cement the idea that man is definitely a bit of a douche.

We later on found that this photo has a strong impact on the final results of this Tinder research.

Picture number 4

My goodness. I don’t know which photo is actually a lot of unsavory. The money shower or this gymnasium photo?

Aren’t getting me incorrect: doing exercises is very good and I advice you to do this. Not merely when it comes to evident health gains also for your matchmaking life. Both offline an internet-based.

Holy Suggestion:

If you have an athletic human anatomy you’re happy with, next showcase it in an artsy or “organic” environment (swimming or playing from the coastline for example).

Never in an over posed gym pic like this one, or a mirror selfie.

This image making use of the furious stare, the tight container leading, therefore the shoulder blood vessels popping down, is actually a

no go

. It really is every thing nearly all women don’t want to see on your
Tinder profile

Phew, that’s enough braggy photographs for just one day. Let’s look at another guy!

Step 3: generating the sweet Guy’s Tinder profile

You see your self much more as an excellent guy than a terrible kid. If this is the actual situation, subsequently this profile could hold some useful lessons obtainable.

Very let us look at the terrible guy’s adversary.

Whenever determining his title we’d two possibilities once more:

The Nerd?

The Geek?

The Wonderful man? The Good guy? The Gentleman?

We’re going to call him the good guy but we wish him showing a little bit of all those tags.

Let us look at 1st pic.

Picture no. 1

Bang-bang bang!

I prefer this photograph for Tinder.

Listed here is the reason why:

  • It’s a cozy and reliable feeling
  • There’s sort of a grin
  • It truly appears to be a good man

Besides there is a coffee-and an (art) publication. A few things that a lot of women fancy.

The crop is not perfect yet, but once more: here is the original photo. On my Tinder profile we modified this.

With this specific picture also, we regarded an alternative solution:

Physically In my opinion that one is far more appealing.

Although it doesn’t fit the nice man buzz as perfectly.

When looking at both photographs, the mentors and I also consented that the first photograph seems friendlier. And is therefor more fitting for this Tinder research.

Holy Idea:

The Colour system used in this picture is called ‘Teal Magenta’. Its a filter used in lots of movies.

It is popularity will come and continues Instagram.

Picture #2

It isn’t as badass as an electrical electric guitar.

It’s the more compact, a lot more innocent adaptation: the ukulele.

We included this picture to give the nice man a little extra fictional character.

Provided that men and women you should not identify this photograph with irritating folks vocal ‘Wonderwall’ around a campfire, we are great.

Visualize #3


It is a guy on a bike.

I’m not sure in regards to you, but we associate transport by cycle with being friendly to the environment.

We thought our very own great guy could have one image on a bike. With an enjoyable fountain from inside the straight back. Exactly what a cozy man.

It isn’t really a photo I’d previously choose my self to be on my dating profile. But you will eventually find out if it performed well or otherwise not.

One detail i would ike to see different, will be the eyes once more. They may be concealed within the shadow. As long as they were apparent, the photograph would exude more trustworthiness.

Visualize number 4

Undoubtedly my favorite nice man photo.

Could it be your preferred aswell?

This really is difficult personally to smile in a photograph. But somehow it really worked really right here.

Perhaps because Meatballs (the fluffy animal on my back) was beside me. Perhaps one of the better kitties around.

Holy Tip:

If you possess the choice to have a photo with a pet inside profile, put it to use.

indicates repeatedly that
Tinder achievements
increases if you have have actually a photo with a pet.

Holy Idea:

Visual communication
using camera while showing a big smile is among your own most effective tools.

Which was the 4


and last good guy photo.

Step three: the entire profiles + bio!

Let’s browse both done pages:

The terrible kid vs The kind man.

Now before we make these profiles apparent and possess them compete for matches, we are in need of a
Tinder bio
for every of these.

We gave the Bad man this one:

“almost certainly out of your category but hey, every try you don’t go a try you neglect.”

The nice man opted for:

“i prefer squirrels.”

Impressed by the renowned meme in this movie:

But I don’t like turtles, we had some in primary class plus one bit me.

I really like squirrels. I truly do.

Therefore we went with that.

Alright. Those are both bios.

Today we’re ready to see whom becomes a lot of proper swipes.

Place your own wagers!

Who do you would imagine will gather a lot of fits?

Type your own response in the reviews and don’t you dare cheat!

Step: the battle + effects!

The outcome had been rather shocking. I frankly didn’t see this coming.

Listed here is exactly how we measured the interest in both reports.

We utilized two accounts.

My profile and coach Daniel’s membership.

We offered both Tinder Gold. Here’s precisely why:

  • Exact Same
  • Passport purpose to evaluate them in identical locations
  • Tinder Gold’s “Likes You” purpose demonstrates to you everyone else that swiped you right

Specially that final purpose is a must for people.

Permits united states to see what number of suits both profiles have obtained.

Coach Daniel and that I sat close to each other and selected New York City as all of our basic test area.

We activated our pages while doing so… right after which we waited.

Which profile would get liked 100 times 1st?

(as shown by the “loves You” purpose).

In New York City it absolutely was the sweet guy that reached 100 loves initially.

Simultaneously, the Poor son was actually only at 70.

Which is very an impact.

Do you expect the results in the personal test?

My coaches and that I happened to be quite surprised.

Especially since in Leena D’s video clip, the


carried out way better than the great man.

To ensure these results just weren’t geographically sure, we went round two examinations some other place.

In the uk’s attractive capital urban area: London.

(in addition, I composed a whole guide about
Tinder in London

We made use of the very same approach like in new york:

Starting both profiles on the other hand following wishing until one profile reached 100
likes on Tinder

Outcomes happened to be quite different here.

Not that the Bad man abruptly trumped the sweet man.

Quite the opposite…

This time around the kind man decided to go to 100 loves whilst the Poor child had been only at 44(!) likes.

This means the kind man had above


the poor boy’s matches.


a rough K.O. for all the douche case.

Today without a doubt we cannot say precisely why one profile outperformed additional so terribly.

But we are able to create multiple calculated presumptions.

A person is that the Āssh0le never tends to make visual communication. Perhaps not in a single photo.

Another one is the fact that the money shower therefore the fitness center photo are way too a great deal.

Going-over the most truly effective can frequently be helpful.

But and then a particular level.

In the event that you scroll upwards a little and check out the assessment of both pages, it’s difficult to feel sympathy when it comes to left man. Whereas the right man appears more fun become about.

This experiment additionally implies that cash and muscle groups are not always a good thing online. And they’re not needed to
get some good fits

Today let’s go to the final element of this Tinder social test.

Action 5: You Are adorable. Why don’t we bang.

Exactly how did women react whenever we blatantly questioned all of them for gender?

The experiment had been more than and we also wanted to return to our very own users.

Exactly what about these fits we compiled and did not chat to?

We figured we could do SOMETHING interesting using them inside name of research.

Something which failed to consume 69 hours period investment.

Which Is as soon as we got curious…

…which profile would get the best responses when blatantly inquiring to BANG.

As in literally sending the opener:

The outcome happened to be quite fascinating.

(despite the fact that there are definitely better techniques
to getting put on Tinder

Let’s have a look at some screenshots for the responds:

And so I carried on:

The majority of women just weren’t entertained with this specific range.

Not that we envisioned anything from tasteless, uncalibrated, intimate opener.

Needles to say, numerous ladies failed to bother responding.

But revealing you 100 screenshots of ”

You are adorable, let’s bang

“, could be über painful.



is actually a pretty good summary of many responds.

This woman was not the banging sort.

Another lady in contrast, does like some type of banging:

Hey, no less than this girl produces enjoyable off a miserable scenario!

Hahaha ”

Operate a tiny bit with this pussy

“. Genius.

Today some women felt a bit more daring, but, like this final screenshot said, needed a bit more wooing.

Just one hundred

“, on each membership.

Which was certainly the best replies contained in this entire Tinder research.

Hey about we don’t get ignored right here.

Also the girls that opened with a go with were not planning to instantly agree to some “banging”.

(This girl phone calls me Daan (Dan) because she had been talking to the cool guy profile on my friend Dan’s phone.)

Oh, imagine who’s back?

Seemingly her friend did find the provide attractive.

Now just because someone says they have been curious doesn’t mean it’s actually taking place. Absolutely still plenty of time and area to shag right up just before in fact will bangerang.

Ah, eventually someone that does appreciate the intimate present.

Performed this take place one time?

Nope, here is an additional woman ready for a natural adventure.

You choose to go woman, you are doing anything you like!

And ultimately:

Seemingly nyc isn’t large enough for 2 Louis.

Now you must for a lovely, strong, and philosophical summary.

Holy Suggestion:

If You Love some outlines that really help you to get laid, without coming the woman out…

…then examine my
10 Text That Usually Work
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Action 6: The Final Outcome

In all honesty I don’t truly know what you are contemplating this.

You merely noticed some screenshots of girls claiming no.

You also watched some ladies doubting.

Some even blatantly said ”

why don’t we repeat this


So you might feel a desire to go junk e-mail these things and. Should you decide send out enough messages, you will discover anyone to join you for a round of wet bed room acrobatics.

Or perhaps you are looking as of this research, thinking: ”

Lol, nice research bro. I’d bang on breeze of my personal fingers basically had how you look.

If You carry out feel inclined to try this…


First and foremost, among accounts performed
get prohibited from Tinder
this is why social research.

RIP Wonderful Guy Louis. May the guy sleep in comfort.


The percentage of girls agreeing to this offer had been ridiculously low. And if you’re considering:

“I really don’t proper care whether or not it’s ridiculously reasonable. A few happened to be down seriously to bong, and that I like bonging”

Fair enough. But let’s say they weren’t the most attractive ladies around.

And I’m wording this the good method.

The women i must say i liked didn’t bother texting straight back. They’ve got a lot of better options. Men that text a lot more interesting things than this experiment.

Just In Case you’re the guy blaming the success of the opener to my appearance…

Fair sufficient. About to some degree.

You wont notice me personally complaining about my personal face.

But when I stated, my face did not magically change this opener into a powerful best way to find one night stands.

As for conversations i personally use inside my some other posts and videos… those tend to be talks with females only my kind. Popular girls with options. It is not like they truly are {the easi